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Motor Sport Training

Improve your Photography skills with one of our training days

Ever looked at images of fast cars and bikes and wanted to know how they were taken and wanted the opportunity to take some of your own? Or just simply fancied trying something new?

Well look no further. Why not book a day out with Fresh Orange Photography at a UK track, spending time with our full time professional motorsport photographer who has years of experience shooting motorsport at tracks throughout the UK and Europe.

The program will be tailored around your level and knowledge of photography to ensure suit your needs and expectations are met throughout the day.

Throughout the day you will receive one to one tuition from our photographer giving advice about camera settings, giving guidance as to which ones to use depending on the conditions and when to use them to guarantee you get some great images.

Throughout the day you will be shown techniques used by our professional photographer to capture the great action shots with advice on angles and composition.

With our help you will be shown as how to get the best out of your equipment, regardless what your current level of experience may be. If you don't have your own equipment then this can be provided too.

At the end of the day you will take away with you the knowledge and experience of how to capture action shots and use the equipment to a higher level. We are confident you will leave with a greater understanding of motorsport photography with increased confidence of which techniques to use and how to apply them in future shoots to expand your photography portfolio.

And finally you will have some great images from the day itself.